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J.Wok Restaurant
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As J.Wok perfected their menu over the course of two years since their establishment, it was time to change the old interiors of the previous sushi restaurant that still remained.  The business owner wanted a more social environment and the ability to host parties and create a more communal atmosphere within their limited space.  This extensive restaurant remodel located within a mixed-use building in East Village of downtown San Diego included a completely new seating arrangement with a custom bench seat and community concrete bar tables, new tiled serving bar, remodeled restrooms, and lighting scheme.  Wall and window treatments as well as the concrete flooring were added to continue the new exterior improvements into the interior.  In collaboration with designer and fabricator Chrissie Beavis, a clean and urban concept was proposed for the exterior improvements that could emulate J.Wok as a refined and modern Asian restaurant.  New custom redwood railings, steel planters with succulents, custom redwood awning wrapping the corner, new signage, and custom exterior lighting gave J.Wok the new identity it needed and provide outdoor seating that could appeal to customers day and night.  Chrissie  also designed and built the front and side patio door - large pivoting monolithic glass frames that allowed for more transparency and seamless transition into it's mirroring interiors.  Other improvements included new smooth cement plaster finish, structural wall reinforcements, and a drip system irrigation.  With a fast-paced schedule, Shea Construction was able to complete the remodel within three weeks, with J.Wok only having to close for a couple days in early January 2011.

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J.Wok Restaurant

744 Market Street, San Diego, CA 92101

Restaurant Remodel: Interior Tenant Improvement, Exterior Patio, Signage

Alexis Karpetsky Workshop, Chrissie Beavis

Turley Engineering

Shea Construction, Chrissie Beavis

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