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Better Buzz Coffee - Mission Beach Location

A local coffee and roasting company with several establishments in the greater San Diego area already, Better Buzz Coffee had their eyes set on expanding their franchise to another beach area - Mission Beach.  Located along the busy sidewalks of Mission Boulevard, this 1,200 sf ground floor space within a small mixed-used building and with dedicated off-street parking could provide customers with work space and potentially absorb some of the patron traffic from their busy neighboring Pacific Beach location.  This tenant improvement from the previous clothing retail shop included new custom built-in seating, large serving bar, a second bar used as a single drip station, kitchen, restroom remodel, and new awnings and exterior finishes.  With a unique single drip laboratory and espresso machines imported from Italy and trained baristas, Better Buzz Coffee definitely has coffee beans down to a science and is reflected with their signature refined industrial interiors.  Better Buzz Coffee opened for business in January 2013.

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*renderings courtesy of Better Buzz Coffee

Better Buzz Coffee - Mission Beach Location

3745 Mission Boulevard, Mission Beach, CA 92108

New Coffee Shop: Interior Tenant Improvement, Exterior Awning, Signage

Coffee Shop Experts, Alexis Karpetsky Workshop

Turley Engineering, Pedro Medina & Associates

Equity Builders, Coffee Shop Experts

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